About Us

Sea Level Sucks

It really sucks...

...but you already know this.  You live hard and play harder, at altitude.  Elevation is the name of your game.  Altitude makes you happy, free, you celebrate it.  So do we.  That’s what SLS is all about, paying homage to life lived and enjoyed at altitude.

Picture the perfect day without a cloud in the sky, cool, clean air, a slight breeze, views for miles in every direction, standing on top of Mount Elden in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This is where Dan declared, “Sea Level Sucks.”  Since 2011, every hike, ride, run, or trip, has led to a new idea that “would be a great t-shirt.”  These adventures and slogans have become SLS.

Dan and Martina started Sea Level Sucks in Flagstaff, Arizona, an outdoor lover’s dream town at 6903'. Having spent years under the stars on mountains, rivers and everywhere in between, they truly live the outdoor lifestyle, and recognize that altitude enhances the outdoor experience. 

In 2013 Forrest and Sara came on board as SLS Ambassadors while hiking the Continental Divide Trail. A year later they joined Martina and Dan and moved the business up to Missoula, MT. While not quite as high as Flagstaff, the plethora of new mountain tops, ridge lines and trails have led to many long days outside. 

Whether you are an altitude junkie or just a weekend wanderer, Sea Level Sucks offers clothing and apparel that celebrates your adventures and your passion for altitude and the outdoors.  

It is a privilege to be part of the community of outdoor enthusiasts.  We have begun many new friendships and solidified old ones on our adventures. We welcome your ideas about what you think will help us improve our service and commitment to you through our shared enthusiasm of life at altitude.  Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, to share your adventures, stories and pictures, or divulge your favorite hike, ride, climb, trail or ski/board run, or spot outdoors.  What is your favorite Sea Level Sucks moment?